Order for Service

Once you choose a mover, based on the estimate provided to you. Make sure to hold on the estimate until the move is complete. Now that you have selected your mover, the next document you are supposed to get from your moving company is Order for Service.

Order for Service is a required document, which provides you with a written confirmation of the following:

-  the services to be performed by a mover in conjunction with your relocation;

-  the dates for the pickup and delivery of your goods,

-  the address of the pickup and the delivery locations;

-  the amount of valuation protection you have chosen;

-  along with any additional services you may have ordered;

-  it also must provide an address and telephone numbers of your mover;

-  as well as the telephone numbers and/or an address where a mover can contact you (during long distance moves),

-  show the charges that will be assessed for the move.

If the shipment is moving under non-binding estimate, the order for service must

-  show the non-binding charges;

-  indicate the method of payment for the charges, and in case the charges are to exceed the non-binding estimate,

-  it will show the maximum amount that you will have to pay at the time of delivery to obtain your possessions;

-  the law requires movers to indicate valuation clause, that must be shown on either the Order for Service or the Bill of Lading, at movers option.

Order for Service must be prepared for shipments of household goods for individual (C.O.D.) shippers only. There is no requirement to use Order for Service for commercial, government, or DOD shippers.

The new laws allow movers and some movers have created a combined Order for Service and Bill of Lading contract. In these special cases the combined contracts must be approved by the local office of Department of Transportation.

A sample form of Order for Service is shown below

 OrderForSerive 001_594x800