Moving your gun safe, the “How to” guide –imgres

If you are the owner of any fire arms,a gun safe is your

fundamental responsibility to the safety of those in

your home. While owning a gun safe is very smart,

safe and effective, they are also an extremely heavy

piece of furniture that will have to be moved when

you are relocating to a new home. Gun safes can weigh up

to 300 pounds. Please do not attempt to move your gun safe

alone,  as this may result in personal injury. The first step to moving your gun safe should be,

selecting the new location prior to moving it. Measure your gun safe and the area that you wish

to move it to. Be sure these match adequately. This will eliminate having to the safe more than

one time. After you pick the new location, plan and clear a path to ensure a safe move. 

Often times, gun safes are stored in the lower level of your home; such as, the basement or

family room. Be sure to have the proper tools to move the safe down the stairs. A furniture

dolly is an essential tool to ensure safe and efficient move. Also, you want to be sure that

you have additional help, having at least one other individual to assist in the move.

You must secure the gun safe to the dolly to avoid the safe from slipping off of the dolly. 

If you are not 100% comfortable with moving your gun safe, just leave it where it stands until

the day of your move and allow the professional movers of Woodland Hills Movers

take care of this for you.