Moving with your Canine!big dogs

Your canine may notice changes around the house. In order to 

keep your pup from being overwhelmed by all of the packing, try 

to complete the process over a period of time. If you can make 

subtle changes in the environment opposed to drastic changes, 

this will be less stressful on your canine.

Dogs are creatures of habit, keeping some consistency in their 

lives will help to eliminate unwanted and undesirable behaviors from them. If you can prevent changing the habits

of your canine, this is highly recommended. If you cannot prevent this, attempt to slowly change them over time.

Make sure your dog has up to date ID tags with a current phone numbers and the new address. If you are in

between phone numbers, add the number of a close family member or friend,someone that the dogs knows

well enough to feel comfortable with in case of emergency.On the day of the big move, you want to make

sure that your dog is safe and not in a position where he may be overwhelmed with all of the people and

movement going on. Place him in a room with some toys, water and a comfortable sleeping area. Keep the 

door closed and place a sign on the door letting movers and family members know not to open the door.

This will prevent an emergency situation where your dog may get loose.When you arrive at your new home,

you may be tempted to let your dog out to explore. This may be tempting; however this is not the safest decision.

Be sure to wait until all of the movers are finished going in and out of the home.Get back to your routine as

quickly as possible; this will help your canine adjust to your new living arrangements seamlessly.