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Company of Choice

By Sarah W. Hidden Hills, CA

The movers were class act. Professional, courteous, and efficient.

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By Kyle S. West Hills, CA

The office staff and the movers were very professional. I needed to start my move in the afternoon and still try to finish it the same day. They worked hard to make it happen. Good job!

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By Mitch Y. Westlake Village, CA

The company send packers help me pack before move day. On move day the guys just placed my belongings into a truck and moved me to my new home. Very fast. No damages. Great job.

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Packing Materials


Professional packing and the right selection of boxes and other moving supplies may make a difference when you are planning a move or preparing to store your household or commercial items. Woodland Hills Movers experienced professional packers can supply you with the right amount of packing materials to make sure all items are protected.

Boxes must be the right size and the padding in each box has to be just the right amount. You don't want to over pack your boxes and damage their contents or overprotect and waist space and materials. 


We have specials for our residential and commercial customers. With a reservation for a move you may get a free moving kit.

It is important to make certain that you pack your belongings carefully with bubble pouches and other packing supplies to prevent damage to your most valuable possessions.

bubble-pouches 3

One of the newer technologies in the area of moving are bubble pouches. These air filled bubbles are the quick, easy, and safest way to pack your valuable possessions. The bubble pouches come in many different sizes. All you will need to do is find the right size of your fragile items. Once you have the proper bag, you will simply need to place the item in the bag and seal it. The bubble pouches work just like a self-closing sandwich bag. The good news is that they will protect your most precious items in the event that they fall or something falls on them. The  bags work great when used with other moving supplies. They are reasonably priced, 50 bags for under $40.00.

High quality bubble wrap and bubble pouches are probably the best way to protect your fragile items when moving. The wide variety of different types and styles make these a great purchase for anyone. The cost of the items is not expensive at all when you consider the cost of transporting your valuables safely from place to place. Bubble pouches, cheap bubble rolls, and other moving supplies are essential to moving successfully.

Here is a short example of commonly used packing supplies.

Wardrobe Box

wardrobe demo

Dishpack Box

5.1 Cubic feet

(Double Carton)

Box dishpack

Lamp Box

4.5 Cubic Feet

                 boxes-tall LAMP

 Medium Box

3.0 Cubic Feet

            Box 3.0

 Banker/File Box

1.5 Cubic Feet

        Boxes file-box_15_12_10

 Large Box

4.5 Cubic Feet

             Box 4.5

 TV Box

48" Flat Screen


 TV Box

70" Flat Screen

      boxes-70 TV_box

 Picture/Mirror Box

          Box Picture-Mirror_Products

 Bubble Wrap



 Shrink Wrap


                    pack stretch-20

 Packing Paper

30 lb Bundle

          PackingPaper 110     

Moving Blanket - Supreme

6.7 lbs - 72" x 80"

Packing FurniturePads_BLANKET_LG

Moving Pads - Textile

2 lbs - 54" x 72"


Paper Furniture Pads

48" x 72"

            Packing FurniturePads_Paper

Matress Covers

King, Queen, Twin


Packing Foam Sheets

12" sheets


              PackFoam 110

Clear Tape

           PackingTape 135_2

Black Marker


              pack kit_1.5_marker_1_3

Box Cutter

      Packing knife

Packing Peanuts


             peanuts 3_x135


 Wooden Crates used to protect expansive, fragile items:

  • Art Effects,
  • Antiques,
  • Clay or Marble statures,
  • Glass items,
  • Paintings and other articles of fine art.

Fine Art

 Crate fine-art-crate-006

Antique Furniture

Crate antique_Furniture