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Company of Choice

By Sarah W. Hidden Hills, CA

The movers were class act. Professional, courteous, and efficient.

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By Kyle S. West Hills, CA

The office staff and the movers were very professional. I needed to start my move in the afternoon and still try to finish it the same day. They worked hard to make it happen. Good job!

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By Mitch Y. Westlake Village, CA

The company send packers help me pack before move day. On move day the guys just placed my belongings into a truck and moved me to my new home. Very fast. No damages. Great job.

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Long Distance Moves                          

Long Distance moves are considered any move out of state or with a radius of 100 miles.

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The cost of a long distance move is dependent on the weight of the shipment and the distance. Our trucks are weighed at certified scales prior to being loaded and right after they have been loaded. Our customers can follow our trucks to the scale location to observe the weighing.


Long distance relocation requires special licensing, experience and having the right equipment. Woodland Hills Movers is fully insured to provide these services. We have different size trucks and trailers to accommodate any size move.


Woodland Hills Movers has a large network of partner companies that allows us to keep our trucks fully loaded at all time. This in return allows us to keep the lowest tariff in the market.

Our customers relocating over 1,000 miles have two options of delivery:

  1. Exclusive use of a truck and Straight Delivery,
  2. Consolidated shipment.


- Exclusive use of Truck - explains the delivery process in its name. No other customer is loaded in the same truck, the truck is going straight to its delivery location. This is an expansive, but faster way of getting relocated. Exceptions for price are for those customers that have large shipments that by themselves occupy entire or up to 90% space of the 53' trailer. Normally shipments of 18,000 to 25,000 lbs. will get the rate of the consolidated shipment, but will get the exclusive use of the trailer.

- Consolidated Shipment - is a much less expansive of the two options. Movers combine as many loads as they may legally load in the truck and deliver them making multiple stops. The delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks off season and 10 to 14 days during summer months.

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Our fleet of trucks is well maintained, we renew our trucks every five years to make sure there will be no unexpected break downs on the road. Our fleet can accommodate our local customers that live up the winy roads in Hollywood Hills, Woodland Hills or Malibu. We have small size trucks that can shuttle your load to the trailer assigned to a long distance relocation.




The form assigns a size to article of each room in the residence. Estimator takes tally of all items. The sum makes the total size of shipment in cubic feet. Industry standard is each cubic foot of space weighs about 7 lbs. So 1,000 cubic foot of space will weigh close to 7,000 lbs.


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There is no price tag that can be placed on the piece of mind you get that your shipment is safe and you can rely on the promised delivery date.

On the move day - movers place stickers on each article of the shipment, each sticker has asigned number, that number is then referenced on the inventory report. Name of the item, its condition at pickup and later at delivery.

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The charges are calculated based on the weight of the shipment plus any other charges for services  required by customer.


  • Light weight of the truck: 15,100 lbs.(weighed at certified scales prior to loading).
  • Heavy weight of the truck: 24,500 lbs. (weighed after truck fully loaded).
  • Pay load: 24,500 less 15,100 = 9,400 lbs.
  • Applying tariff: $0.32/lb for distance 400-600 miles. - 9,400 x 0.32 = $3,008.00 cost of transportation.
  • Additional charges(all optional): Packing boxes, Cost of materials, Insurance policy, Shuttle, Long walk, Stairs, Storage, etc.
  • Less any promotional discounts.

    There are additional services that may be required during relocation, which are not included in the cost of regular transportation:

  • Packing & Unpacking,
  • Crating fragile articles
  • Long carries (from truck to front door over 75 feet),
  • Outside Stairs,
  • Extra Stops for pickups or deliveries,
  • Shuttle service (if regular size truck can't get to the residence a smaller truck has to be rented),
  • Storage in Transit - customer is not ready for pick up.