Local Relocation

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Local moves are charged by hours it takes to relocate a residence or commercial facility to the new location

The rate depends on the amount of movers working on the job. 

The hourly rate gets you a team of movers a moving truck,  equipment and tools that are necessary to complete the job.

The services that are included in the hourly rate are:

  • packing and crating of the goods,
  • disconnecting appliances,
  • preparation of the items - disassembly, reassembly and wrapping furniture with blankets and shrink wrap,
  • bringing and a free use of wardrobe boxes (as many as you require),
  • loading and unloading of the truck,
  • driving from pick up to delivery location is doubled (15 minutes x 2 = 30 minutes),
  • unpacking boxes and unwrapping furniture.

There are extra costs on top of the hourly rate:

  • non-reusable packing materials,
  • credit card fee,
  • storage in transit,
  • hoisting,
  • rental of special equipment (if needed),
  • handling of extra large items (piano, jacuzzi, etc.).

When speaking with movers you need to be as accurate as possible at discribing your goods and locations.