Inventory Form

Any interstate or intrastate long distance shipments or shipments going into movers warehouse for short term storage must have a written descriptive inventory of the articles prepared by your mover.

While there is no specific inventory form prescribed, the movers are free to design their own style form. The inventory form must identify each specific box, and every non-boxed item in the load.

The mover must mark every article with a numbered sticker. The number of the sticker corresponds to a line on the inventory form. Each article must also have a detailed description of its condition prior to it being loaded to the truck.

The mover must give you an opportunity to verify accuracy of the inventory and its description. If you disagree with any of the item's description, you should make your own notes on the form. After you go over the inventory, both you and the mover must sign and date it. You must receive a copy of the inventory forms and hold on to them until the delivery day.

At the time mover delivers your shipment, you must go over every article that goes off the truck to the inventory and check its condition and make written notes on the form. If there are missing items indicate them on the forms as well. This will not be an official claim for loss or damage, but it will certainly help when you are filing one with the moving or insurance company.

Movers must keep inventory forms filed together with bill of lading contracts for at least one year since the delivery of the shipment.

Here is a look at a sample inventory form

Inventory 002_474x640