How to file a claim


If you have a loss or damage to your property due to your mover's negligence you need to file a claim as soon as possible:

  1. Write mover's home office as soon as possible. Your claim just be filed, within 9 months after delivery of your goods;
  2. Indicate the date of your move, the origin and destination and mover's order number;
  3. Describe the loss or damage and list each item separately if there is more than one item damaged or lost;
  4. Indicate the exact amount you are claiming for each lost or damaged item;
  5. Provide any supporting store receipts and serial or model numbers of items (if they are available);
  6. It would be very helpful if you could provide professional estimates for repair of damaged items, this could speed the process of your claim.


If the damaged occurred to the items which were packed, retain the box, its contents and packing materials. Especially, if this article was packed by you, since you may have to show that bad packing was not the reason for the damage.

You should retain copies of all correspondence with the moving company. Therefore, use electronic mail or in case you are mailing hard copies use Registered Mail with return receipt, to evidence receipt of your claim by the mover.

Your mover has to reply to you within 30 days to acknowledge the receipt of your claim and provide you with a firm settlement offer, make a payment in full, or decline to pay within 60 days of receipt of your claim.