Arbitration Program – What you need to know
arbitration program

Need to file a dispute with your moving company? You need to 
know your rights. Although we try to avoid all disputes, sometimes 
they are unavoidable.Disputes between a consumer and their 
moving company can arise for many different reasons, for 
example, damages to items, missing items, overcharging the 
quoted amount, change in delivery times without being previously discussed, etc. 

Interstate movers are required by Federal statutory requirements to follow the arbitration program. In 2005, they have expanded
to include the following two requirements: 

Disputed loss and damage claims are a mandatory requirement if the
amount of the dispute is $10,000 or less.Disputes regarding charges
that are billed to the customer after the delivery, that are in addition
to the quoted and agreed to amount. This is also a mandatory
arbitration requirement if the amount of the dispute is $10,000 or less.
In previous years, from 1996 when arbitration programs were first put
in to affect, until 2005, only loss and damage claims were subject to
the arbitration regulations. Many disputes can be resolved prior to
getting to the level of arbitration. If you have a legitimate dispute,
discuss this directly with your moving company’s customer service
department and/or the management of the company. However, if
this process does not seem to be affective in resolving your dispute,
the FMCSA requires that all interstate moving companies have a
neutral arbitration program in place to help resolve issues.
This is a more informal and less expensive than formal court litigation. 

Arbitration Threshold – 

The arbitration programs regulations state that the disputes of $10,000 or less on an interstate move and/or shipments must be submitted to binding arbitration, if no settlement can be reached between the shipper and consumer. 
Arbitration is not mandatory for claims above $10,000. However, it can be used to settle a dispute of more than $10,000; you are under no obligation to choose this method. 
If a dispute arises, that cannot be resolved by the movers claims department, a customer can request arbitration by writing to AMSA(American Moving and Storage Association) within 90 calendar days after the movers last settlement, or denial of the claim.